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Error Management 8D Report, Ishikawa Methodology

ID 02-270
Language English
Clock 1 day

In this 1-day methodology seminar, you will learn the basics required for the application of the error management 8D Report system and the Ishikawa methodology. Our subject-matter experts address your specific requirements and help you understand the following subjects in a practical manner in the course of this seminar.

Seminar contents

+ Basic training
+ Error management
+ Complaint processing
+ 8D Report system
+ Problem solving techniques
+ Cause analysis
+ Ishikawa / 5Why
+ NTF (No Trouble Found)
+ Group work and practical examples

Target group

Automotive suppliers, project managers, project team members, advance quality planning and work preparation personnel, sales personnel, project and production supervisors, inspection and process planners, supervisors, auditors, technicians, quality managers, engineers, series producers, merchants, developers, quality supervisors, quality administrators, quality management officers, managing directors, skilled workers from the processes


Basic error management knowledge.

Seminar documents

Paper copy of TopQM-Systems seminar materials


Each participant receive a certificate of attendance "Error Management 8D Report, Ishikawa Methodology".