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TopQM FMEA Method Update

ID 02-160
Language English
Clock 1 day

The FMEA method is a centrally anchored method in the automotive industry as well as in some sectors of the non-automotive industry for the systematic evaluation of possible errors with the aim of preventively ward off damage. With this training  we have created an opportunity to refresh the knowledge of the  AIAG / VDA FMEA method or to promote in-house competencies on FMEA methods.

The aim of our workshop is  for  FMEA users and input providers as well as recipients of results to acquire the basics  and  new aspects of the harmonized  FMEA  method. 
Our training  is suitable for the FMEA methodological competence  of the FMEA (e.g. by ROBERT BOSCH).

In this 1-day methodology workshop  training, you will learn the basics and gain the tools  to apply or accompany an FMEA. Our experts respond individually to your needs and teachthe following topics in a practical way in their training.   

Seminar contents

+ FMEA basic knowledge
+ FMEA - Types
+ FMEA - Preparation
+ FMEA - Implementation
+ FMEA - Goal and Result
+ The 7 steps of the FMEA
+ The harmonised assessment
+ Need for action Steering
+ Exchange of experience

Target group

Project managers, members of the project teams,employees  from the Advance quality planning, work preparation,development, complaint processing  and sales, project and production managers, process planners,  process owners,auditors, managing directors, skilled workers  from business processes.


Previous knowledge of the FMEA is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

Seminar documents

TopQM-Systems seminar materials.

Recommend literature
"AIAG-VDA  harmonized FMEA" is not included in the price, additional cost $ 100.00 (USD).


Each participant receives a certificate of participation „AIAG/VDA FMEA Methode Update“.

Your contact persons

Fabienne Redaoui
Head of Training