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Technical Cleanliness Unterstanding Managing Production and Assembly

ID 02-341
Language English
Clock 2 days

This comprehensive training equips participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills for managing technical cleanliness in manufacturing and assembly environments. It covers the understanding of cleanliness requirements, planning for cleanliness, maintaining controlled environments, and strategies for sustaining cleanliness levels.

Seminar contents

Content Overview:

  • Requirements and Management Systems: Introduction to the requirements of technical cleanliness and their integration into management systems.
  • Standards and Planning: Overview of technical cleanliness standards, production and assembly considerations, and the role of cleanliness in the value-added chain.
  • Controlled Environment and Classifications: Detailed exploration of cleanliness grades (VDA 19.2), cleanliness classifications (ISO 16232), and their considerations in FMEA.
  • Maintaining Cleanliness: Strategies for monitoring processes, environments, and maintaining the technical cleanliness of components during assembly.

Target group

Ideal for professionals tasked with overseeing and implementing technical cleanliness standards in manufacturing and assembly processes.


No special prior knowledge is required.

Seminar documents

PDF copy of TopQM-Systems training material


After successfully completing the knowledge assessment, participants will be recive a TopQM certificate

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