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DIN EN 16247 Energy Audit

ID 10-140
Language English
System Audit

For whom do we carry out DIN EN 16247 Energy Audits?

For all organisations which are not classified as SMEs under the EU and have not introduced an energy management system to DIN EN ISO 50001 or have not been certified to EMAS.

SME = Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Organisations with ≥ 250 employees and an annual turnover of > €50 M or an annual balance of > €43 M

What is the purpose of a DIN EN 16247 Energy Audit?

As a customer you receive:

  •     Fulfilment of the energy guideline EED/Article 8
  •     An overview of the potential energy-saving measures in the organisation
  •     A presentation of the possibilities of increasing energy efficiency
  •     Securing the sustainability of energy-saving measures
  •     An effectiveness survey every four years

Caution: the audit to DIN EN 16247 is not recognised for the reimbursement of energy tax or as a hardship case according to Article 4 Section. 2 EEG 2014!

Our management system auditors are recognised experts in the field of energy management.

Act now, don‘t wait for the auditors!