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Minimum Automotive Quality Management System Requirements for Sub-Tier Suppliers

ID 10-090
Language English
System Audit

For whom do we provide MAQMSR Audits?

For all strategic and operational purchasing departments of worldwide active OEMs and organisations in the automotive supply chain. Applicable for the development of quality management systems (DIN EN ISO 9001) of suppliers implementing automotive standards. Rely on our many years’ experience of auditing when analysing if your suppliers attain the high standards in the automotive industry.


What is the purpose of a MAQMSR Audit?

As a customer you receive:

  •     A neutral view of your processes
  •     Detection of interfaces/crossover processes and their risks
  •     An overview of the automotive system levels of your suppliers
  •     Advice to implementing customer requirements at your suppliers
  •     Recommended actions for development activities at your suppliers
  •     Comparable results for internal as well as external benchmarking
  •     A development tool for DIN EN ISO 9001 suppliers who wish to attain IATF 16949


Act now, don‘t wait for the auditors!