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AIAG CQI Process Audits

ID 10-100
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Process Audit

For whom do we provide AIAG CQI audits?

For automotive suppliers who have manufacturing processes which are oriented to process parameters and which only allow a destructive test on the product.

These include:

  • CQI-9  for heat treatment processes
  • CQI-11 for galvanic processes
  • CQI-12 for surface treatment processes
  • CQI-15 for welding processes
  • CQI-17 for soldering processes
  • CQI-23 for plastic moulding processes
  • CQI-27 for casting processes


What is the purpose of an AIAG CQI Process audit?

As a customer you receive:

  •     Robust and mature manufacturing processes
  •     A technology-specific view of the value-adding process
  •     An overview of process risks
  •     A verification of the monitoring mechanisms
  •     An overview of the measurement technology used to document the parameters
  •     An overview of technology-based improvement potential

TopQM-Systems is THE pioneering service provider and THE market leader for all AIAG CQI Special Processes, we are a licenced partner of AIAG and a long-time member of the US automobile industry. Our auditors all have CQI auditors’ qualifications and possess the relevant recognised TopQM AIAG CQI auditors’ certificates.


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