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Formula Q VW Process Audit

ID 10-150
Language English
Process Audit

For whom do we provide Formel Q VW Process Audits (VDA 6.3)?

For all worldwide series producers (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3) in the supply chain who provide parts to companies in the VW Group.


What is the purpose of a Formel Q VW Process Audits (VDA 6.3)?

As a customer you receive:

  • A neutral view of your processes
  • Identification of interfaces and their risks
  • An overview of product development, process development, and project management as a basis for the value adding processes
  • A list of deviations with regards to the audit standard (including the additional Formel Q capability)
  • Best-Practice recommendations for continuous improvement
  • Preparation for an external audit which leads to decisions (potential analysis as a method of assessing suitability for the VW Group, customer audit as a means of supplier development, etc.)


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